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Date Night Spots for 10 Typical Women You'll Date in Hong Kong

Date Night Spots for 10 Typical Women You'll Date in Hong Kong

There are loads of girls you have to sift through before finding Ms. Right. From the Cougar to Miss Fashionista, good thing you don’t particularly mind dating tons of different women…Let’s cover all the types you’ll meet (and the best date night spots) on your journey to eventual coupledom.

Better brush up on those IG skills if you're dating one of these types...

Better brush up on those IG skills if you're dating one of these types...

Miss Fashionista

The Girl: The name says it all. Miss Fashionista adores the intricacies of fashion, dressing to the nines, and wearing makeup. Her passion for an achingly hip exterior look does not necessarily translate into a superficial personality, but when it comes to dinner dates there is no reason to stray from the tried and tested (just yet). Give the girl what she wants.

The Dinner plan: Take her the Mandarin Bar + Grill at either the Mandarin Oriental or Arcane, and let her know ahead to benefit fully from brownie points. An apéritif glass of champagne at the bar will give you ample opportunity to break the ice with compliments and photograph snapping of the scallop-molded ceiling and stunning views onto Statue Square. She’ll appreciate your name dropping (interior design by Sir Terence Conran, paintings by Gerard D’A Henderson) when it comes for her obligatory Insta-story, and suave self-assurance as you insist the grilled steak is unsurpassed. It really is, we’ve checked.

Mandarin Bar + Grill 

5 Connaught Rd Central, Central

2825 4004


18 On Lan St, Central

2728 0178

The Ambition Warrior

You think she's gossiping about the ex-Lacrosse player intern? Nope. She's taking a head-hunting call.

You think she's gossiping about the ex-Lacrosse player intern? Nope. She's taking a head-hunting call.

The Girl: This woman is confident, driven, and knows she’s all the hotter because of it. She probably cranks 90+ work weeks, and she has something to say about…everything, which translates into a feisty personality. Congratulations, you’ve landed the girl almost everyone wants to take to dinner.

The Dinner plan: Dust off your fashionable jacket and take her to Café Grey at The Upper House. Firstly, for that ego-boosting kick of strolling through the doors and having everyone in the bar area (and again in the dining area) turn to stare at you. Secondly, for the perfect romantic-cool ambience. Let her choose à la carte, insist on sharing the Lemon Tart dessert, and let the conversation unfold as you get to know one another over one of their finer New World reds.

Café Grey

Level 49, The Upper House Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

3968 1106

The Hipster

The Girl: Kooky. Pretty. Achingly cool. It’s the female hipster. Some chalk this phenomenon up to their physical appearance, which could be anywhere between indie eclectic and granite chic. Others find themselves lured by the stimulating rejection of all things mainstream. Either way, you can guarantee she will be passionate about something out of the streets of Berlin (Kafka literature, Dada art, Warhol design, you name it) and will enthuse the guy she’s with to take her hand and discover it too. This one comes with an updated map of Hong Kong’s coolest spots embedded in her brain so when it’s your turn to take her on a date, make sure to bring you’re A-game and make it as authentic as possible.

The Dinner plan: There are two ways of going about wowing the hipster. One is to combine culture and food at the COBO HOUSE located in the current true and new hipster spot— Shek Tong Tsui. The restaurant, which stands for Community of Bohemians and was designed by the founder of K11 Art Foundation, combines restaurant, art and dessert in one heady blend of artisanal creativity. Allow her to peruse the latest collection or strike a conversation with some of the industry’s cool cats whilst you order and indulge her sweet tooth with pastries by Janice Wong, Asia’s best pastry chef.

The second is flex your own hipster muscles and taking her off the culinary grid…via a private kitchen. These are dining experiences hosted by renowned chefs keen on re-energising things by cooking in an unusual and intimate setting, for 10 to 50 people maximum. Catch a film or expo, then steer her towards one of the following hide-outs. As a rule, most cannot advertise menus so you might be in for a surprise tasting.

  • Try the signature Yellow Earth Chicken at Ying Yang Coastal
  • Indulge in either Mediterranean inspired dishes at Pomegranate
  • Or excellent Italian at Cuore in the Wong Chuk Hang neighborhood.
  • Stroll through Kam Tin for some Instagram-worthy Chinese at Choy Choy's Kitchen  


8/12 South Ln, Sai Wan

2656 3088

Ying Yang Coastal

 Ting Kau Village, House 117, Ting Kau Beach, Tsuen Wan

2866 0868

Pomegranate Kitchen

4b, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen

2580 0663


Wong Chung Hang 2,500 sq ft Loft (Address Hidden)


Choy Choy's Kitchen

Tsing Long Hwy, Kam Tin

3126 5109

The Cougar

The Girl: If your gut instinct is to go for a cougar (read: older woman), we salute you. She’s been around longer than you have and has plenty to show for it: smarts and experience for one thing, usually coupled with financial security and a vibrant personality set on fire with a “knows what she wants” attitude. Beware: cougars come in all shapes and sizes, but for a sure-fire great date we recommend implementing the five golden rules: upmarket dining, good wine, and elegant international cuisine.

Dinner Plan: Let her know that, in your eyes, taking her out to dinner is a memorable event by picking something with real quality. Though meat specialists come a dime a dozen in this part of the woods, Beefbar is a cut above the norm. The owner, who is actually a meat importer, puts in the extra effort with touches like appropriate cutlery, irreproachable meat quality, and the use of a custom-made oven which instantly creates a mouthwatering crust, allowing the meat to retain an unbelievably juicy interior.

With its fifteen or so different types of meat (sorted by age, region and cut), choosing one can seem daunting. We personally recommend the French bavette if you like a flavoursome cut with texture, the veal tartare or seabass ceviche if you are a raw amateur, and the Chateaubriand for an extra-special wow factor.


Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House St, Central

2110 8853

You'll find these Vegan Yoga Gals always at some "wellness" yoga event or retreat

You'll find these Vegan Yoga Gals always at some "wellness" yoga event or retreat

The Vegan Yoga Gal

The Girl: You can often tell these ones from a mile away: decked out Lululemon, clasping a green smoothie in hand, and in Nike trainers, Vegan Yoga Gal wants you to know that she’s a health freak. Some of these yogi girls come across as extremely put together, whereas others are adorably ditzy, but one common thread is an interest in being perceived as healthy.

Dinner Plan: For a first date, try “speaking her language” by choosing a restaurant that also cares about their carbon footprint and food sourcing. A vegan establishment would be a bonus, but if you can’t stomach the idea of a meat & dairy free date then at the very least seek out one with organic or farm-to-table ethics. The very laidback Locofama ticks all of the above boxes with its delicious, affordable and nutritious meals that feature unusual vegetables prepared in just the right way so that it toes the line between healthy and wholesome.  Expect kick-ass salads and weird yet wonderful combinations like tomato mushroom fried rice or sweet potato ice-cream. Your plates are additionally bound to help the conversation flow as you discuss cuisine, eating habits, and plans to change the world, so head there with quiet confidence.

Secret Weapon: If she’s been to India and has an adventurous streak to her, surprise her to a meal in one of the city’s more authentic Indian restaurants. What BRANTO Pure Veg and Sangeetha Vegetarian (both in Tsim Sha Tsui) lack in romantic décor they make up for with delicious vegetarian fare from North Indian, South Indian and Gujarati, which is sure to bring back memories. Order the masala dosas and let the conversation flow.

If your cooking chops aren’t relegated to reheating Tsui Wah take-out, a final option might be whipping up a home-cooked meal.


9-13 Fuk Sau Ln, Sai Wan

2547 7668


11 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

2366 8171

Sangeetha Vegetarian

UG 1-5 & 31, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

2640 2123

Gym Bunnies are always decked out in athleisure. Yes, even when it's a Friday night out.

Gym Bunnies are always decked out in athleisure. Yes, even when it's a Friday night out.

The Gym Bunny

The Girl: She may look as good as vegan yoga chick, but this one is more about crunches and treadmills than Ouija breathing and healing stones.  If she looks sculpted, chances are she’s health conscious and will appreciate someplace which will allow her to stick to her diet requirements without coming across as neurotic or overly body conscious. With female gym bunnies, the majority are on a low carb and high protein diet, but some may be following a specific program. Have a feel to see whether or not she falls in the latter category, the reassure her that you’ve got the perfect place in mind.

Dinner Plans: If she is a classic “lean protein, leafy greens and hold the carbs” type of girI, make a reservation ahead of time at the stylish and ever-popular Yardbird joint. Their selection of delectable Japanese skewers and meatballs will offer the two of you a fun order-and-share- tapas moment. The cocktails are also great, if you decide to knock one back.

However, if she is on some sort of diet, take the fear out of dating by going to Grassroots Pantry. This hipster joint with a California vibe caters to every vegetarian diet, from raw to gluten and dairy free. There isn’t any meat in sight, but thanks to their exciting dishes like kelp noodle salad and raw mini zucchini pizzas it won’t go amiss, and you’ll completely forget if she’s drinking or not thanks to their juicing mocktails.


154-158 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan

2547 9273

Grassroots Pantry

108 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan

2873 3353

The One

The Girl: Don’t pretend like you don’t know which one we’re talking about. She’s a keeper and whether you want to pop the question right now or later is irrelevant—you know she’s the one by how scared you are at the prospect of losing her.

Dinner plan: The golden rule is to make her feel special. If money is not a problem, book a mini trip to Macau for a mini getaway and eat at one of the following:

  • Ristorante Il Teatro at Wynn Hotel for a night of true Italian amore. Splurge on an Amarone red and order a selection of pastas.
  • The Tasting Room at City of Dreams for a multi-coursed experience which is second to none.

If you’d prefer a less expensive occasion, pack a luxurious picnic and take her The Peak Garden located near the summit of Victoria Peak.  The immaculately manicured garden, which once housed the Governor of Hong Kong’s summer residence, offers breathtaking views of the city and the perfect setting for sampling food.

Ristorante Il Teatro

Wynn Macau, R. Cidade de Sintra, Macau

8986 3648

Tasting Room 

Level 3, Crown Towers Estrada do Istmo, Cotai Macau, Macau

8868 6681

Peak Garden

31 Lugard Rd, The Peak Lugard Rd, The Peak

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