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IFC Restaurants: Here are the Best Places to Eat

IFC Restaurants: Here are the Best Places to Eat

ifc. Home to HK’s most iconic towering skyscraper and a litany of shops ranging from that good ol’ Starbucks to the more posh coffee escapade, Fuel. Whether you’re in for a quick bite n’ go to a sit-down experience, we’ve got you covered with the list of our favourite restaurants in Hong Kong’s most iconic shopping hangout: ifc Mall.


1. Cuisine Cuisine

Cuisine Cuisine dishes a fresh take on Cantonese cuisine with an eye of detail. Make sure to awe at the Victor Harbour views, and get used to the classy ambiance and exquisite Cantonese cuisine to match at this venerable Hong Kong institution. Aside from the gorgeous views, the cuisine at Cuisine Cuisine is something well worth taking a closer look at. We love the paper-thin Pork Belly Rolls served in a tangy garlic and chili sauce—it’s both fresh & tart. The other dish worth trying must be the Steamed Red Date Pudding – the concentrated fruit flavours bring a sweet conclusion to the meal. Cuisine Cuisine really masters Canto nosh well—it’s a damn good choice for some lip-smacking Chinese goodness.

Shop 3101-07, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

2. Isola Bar & Grill

Lustrously Modern. Perennially Popular. Fucking Delicious. That’s Isola Bar & Grill in a mouthful. This restaurant has been pretty much plenty(full) ever since it opened its doors, and with the new chef, Andrea Magnano onboard, there have been a few ‘must-try’ additions. We’re talking about the Lobster Bisque—a pleasant and light starter, it’s finished with cream with a light sprinkle of olive oil. Savour on the views as well as their drinks in the outdoor patio overlooking Victoria Harbour. A undoubtedly good way to end the day.

Shop 4011, 4/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

3. Glasshouse

Housed on the IFC rooftop, Glasshouse features Asian classics, but with a Western twist. Inspired by the potting sheds in old country homes, Glasshouse serves a potpourri of old time favouries, and the ingredients are frickin’ fresh. Tuck in some ‘Pad Thai’, Black Ink Noodles—it holds a delightful surprise of marinated black ink at the bottom of the bowl. The Green Curry Cod, baked in a banana leaf with rice is juicy, with an unique muscovado crust is also a worthy ‘must-try’ contender. Get your meal off with a few dessert bites. Our favourite? The Banana Crème Brulee—it’s a perfect denouement, filled up with Moscovado sugar and dark coffee. Yum!

Shop 4009, 4/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

4. Tim Ho Wan

Ok, we’re gonna cheat. Tim Ho Wan’s not technically located in IFC mall (it’s located underneath the IFC Mall in the Hong Kong Airport Express Station). This famed Hong Kong institution has seeded itself far and wide, from New York to Singapore. Perfect for a casual meal, Tim Ho Wan offers Michelin-level dining, at a cut-rate price. Be sure to try out on the glutinous rice dumpling (‘lor mei gai’). The rice steamed in a lotus leaf wrap, gives it an earthy flavor to it, and it’s packed with flavourful meaty goodness. Filled to the brim with a huge piece of sausage, and a handful of large chicken chunks to go around, it’s a must-eat in our book. The other ‘must-try’ has to be the Baked BBQ Pork Bun—the meat is tender, and well proportioned between lean and fat. The best part? The incredibly brittle and crunchy golden brown sweet, honey-glazed crust on top. Be prepared for epic deliciousness.

HK Food Stories Tip: Hit this place up if you want quick service, and very limited human interaction; kinda like the perfect HK schedule that still demands some grub.

Shop 12A, ifc Mall MTR, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

5. RED Bar + Restaurant [CLOSED]

Perched on the fourth floor, RED Bar + Restaurant is owned by the fitness fanatic friends at PURE, and it’s a must-visit venue. A great after-work drinks spot, RED is perfect summertime hotspot to toss a few back with your friends in RED’s al fresco patio. You gotta try their Scottish Salmon Fillet (the zesty orange balances well with the onion & beetroot cashew cream sauce super well). Looking for something a bit more…err healthy? The Organic Kale Salad is the way to go, filled with only three toppings—avocado, chipotle, and almond. If healthy food around IFC is your thing, hit up RED.

HK Food Stories Tip: Make sure to hit up on their Happy Hour everyday from 6pm – 9pm

4/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

6. French Window

This cosmopolitan French restaurant, is one of the most unique restos in town featuring art deco flair, complemented with expansive views over Victoria Harbour to boot. Lovers of classic French bistro fare sure wouldn’t be disappointed at the French Window (think: generous jet-fresh seafood offerings filled to the brim with juicy lobs, fresh oysters, and crunchy n’ delicious prawns). Suckling Pig: it’s frickin’ delicious, and cooked just perfectly with crispy and succulent meat that flakes apart at a touch. Imbibe away from their impressive ‘Tour de France’ menu featuring 150+ varieties from Alsace, Bordeaux, and Burgundy. Délicieux!

Shop 3101-07, 4/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

Gogyo Ramen IFC Mall.jpg


Ramen. HK’s secret love affair. GOGYO’s had a interesting history given it’s polarizing reviews it has endured in the past—one reviewer panned its ramen to be as greasy as the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Classy. Anywho, GOGYO brings that fuzzy feeling in everyone when confronted with a warm bowl of delicious ramen. Their signature Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen is a sure winner in our book; priced at $128, this Kyoto classic features strong taste and bitter notes, adding a real depth to the broth. Other than the broth though, the noodles? Nah, they’re ok. A good (and quick) ramen fix before you jet off to another afternoon of meetings, though! 

Shop 3020, 4/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

8. IVY

If you’re a Frenchie, then IVY’s the place for you. Carrying food that’s delicious, yet authentic (straight from THE French Riviera), IVY’s Mediterranean-inspired menu means French classics such as Bouillabaisse and French Spring Chicken are perfectly paired with a glass of Pinot from Colterenzio. Looking for something a bit more hearty? IVY whips up some meaty classics including US Prime Sirloin Steak—it’s top-class soft, and literally melts in your mouth like butter—to Braised Beef Cheek, which is seasoned perfectly, with just the right amount of truffle sauce.

Shop 2075, 2/F, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

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