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Super Mondays: Complete List of 21 Restaurants Where You Can Get 2-for-1 Deals

Super Mondays: Complete List of 21 Restaurants Where You Can Get 2-for-1 Deals

In Hong Kong, meal deals and high-quality nosh rarely make it into the same sentence. We’re not getting paid to say this, but AsiaXPAT’s Super Mondays, where you nab 2-for-1s on all mains every Monday (i.e. you enjoy two mains for the price of one) is a rad deal. Curiously enough, most restaurants participating in this promotion are part of the Dining Concepts empire, but honestly, that’s a plus in our book given the calibre of nosh that they dish out.

To be eligible, for the promotion, you need the actual physical card, which you can get it mailed for an one-time fee of $88. Kinda annoying, but hands down, worth it, considering the savings you'll bag. 

Here's the complete list of restaurants participating in Super Mondays. 

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Mama San

Self-proclaimed “street-food chef” Will Meyrick is the brainchild behind Mama San’s Southeast Asian offerings. Inside you’ll be greeted with a space that can be best described as industrial chic meets 1940s Hong Kong colonialism. Décor aside, the dishes that really stand out here are the Meyrick signatures: “Keang Hang le” Burmese Pork Belly Curry (rich and creamy curry with juicy morsels of pork belly) and Crispy Whole Snapper (thoroughly crispy fish, head, tails, fins and all, but not greasy)

Must-Try Mains: “Kaeng hang le” Burmese Pork Belly Curry ($178), Crispy Whole Snapper ($228), Hanoi Steamed Fillet of Barramundi ($178)

46 Wyndham St, Central

2881 8901



Get whisked to the heart of Italy in this handsome Central eatery designed by celebrity chef Enrico Bartolini. Look for delish Bartolini classics including his to-die-for Risotto Agli Agrumi Con Crostacei: a citrusy risotto served with a side of squid ink and mixed seafood. If pasta is not your thing chow down a few slices of pizza: the Formaggi e Tartufo Nero or creamy cheese pizza with generous slices of black truffle is something you won’t find anywhere else...in the 852 atleast.

Must-Try Mains: Risotto Agli Agrumi Con Crostacei ($228), Ravioli di Burrata ($198)

LHT Tower Podium, 3/F, Central

2871 0055


FoFo by el Willy

Contemporary Spanish hotspot, FoFo brings the best of Spain to Hong Kong thanks to head Chef Alex Fargas’ travels around Spain and his hunt for new culinary inspirations. We love the delicious Iberian specialties including Fried Croquettes of Iberico Ham, Steak Tartare with Bone Marrow, and Crispy Suckling Pig, here. Finish the meal off with a handful of warm, chocolatey goodness: Churros.

Must-Try Mains: “Cochinillo” Crispy Suckling Pig ($235), “Carrillada” Beef Cheek ($198), “Carabinero” Spanish Red Prawns ($228)

20/F M88, Wellington St, Central

2900 2009


Bouchon Bistro Francais

With a menu selection devoted to charcuterie and fromage, there’s no place other than Bouchon to indulge. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, make sure to zero in on the Moules a la Mariniere (Blue Mussels with White Wine) and the Confit de Canard (Duck Leg with Sautéed Potatoes).

Must-Try Mains: Confit de Canard ($228), Moules a la Mariniere ($208 / 500g & $358 / 1kg), Cassoulet Maison ($228)

49 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

2525 9300

Gaucho Argentine Steaks.jpg


Personally, I think this restaurant is a bit tacky, decor-wise unless zebra-printed sofas are your thing. Furnishings aside, Gaucho boasts surprisingly well executed Argentinian dishes. Since steak is the highlight here, you’ll get a choice of four raw cuts brought over to your table: lomo (fillet), ancho (rib-eye), chorizo (sirloin), and cuadril (rump) for your choosing. Pair your meat with a choice of carb-heavy sides (read: Baked Sweet Potato, Fat Chips, Mashed Potatoes).

Must-Try Mains: Beef Cuts ($328 - $678), Gaucho Burger ($198), Corn-Fed Spatchcock Chicken ($288)

5th Floor, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road Central

2386 8090


Lilya Moroccan Lounge and Bar

This popular shisha spot on Wyndham is right up there in terms of one of the premier happy hour spots around to grab a drink or two. But, Lilya also churns out Moroccan specialities such as Chicken Mquali, Lamb Tajine, and Traditional Pastilla. A solid choice if you’re looking to tuck down a few plates of Middle Eastern nosh.

Must-Try Mains: Traditional Pastilla ($178), Lamb Tajine ($178), Chicken Mquali ($158)

77 Wyndham St, Central

2526 2578

La Paloma-Spread.jpg

La Paloma

La Paloma’s Sai Ying Pun digs are a bit of a trek from Central. But, it’s worth it. With an open-air patio and interior with bright accents, this place gets packed. Quick. Most of their dishes are reasonably priced; be sure to try their Paella Valencia (Traditional Paella with Chicken, Green Beans & Artichokes) and the Fideua De Marisco (Angel Hair Noodles Cooked with Mixed Seafood)

Must-Try Mains: Paella Valencia ($388), Fideua De Marisco ($338), Gambon ($280)

189 Queen's Rd W, Sai Ying Pun

2291 6161


BIZOU American Brasserie

With a deliciously balanced menu of flavours and textures, Pacific Place’s BIZOU features classic American fare (think: Boston Style Crab Cake, USDA Cuts, and Spaghetti Au Ragu). Given that it’s housed in a massive shopping mall complex, BIZOU does quite well with its interior digs, featuring walnut wood panelling and tiled walls all around. There’s an entire section of the menu dedicated to cuts, so make sure to choose wisely. Our pick has to be the 32 oz USDA Prime Porterhouse, topped with generous servings of crumbled blue cheese goodness, and pearl onions.

Must-Try Mains: 32 oz USDA Prime Porterhouse ($888), Grilled Octopus ($188)

Shop 132, L1, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

2871 0775


Soho Spice

Just minutes away from the Central escalator, Soho Spice dishes out Vietnamese and Thai-inspired dishes, with a western twist. Lamb Rack in Red Curry Paste, Grilled Beef Sirloin, and Crispy Fried Salmon are all must-try dishes in anyone’s book. Tuck down some Mango Sticky Rice or some Thai Custard Pandan Cake post-meal, and you’re set!

Must-Try Mains: Lamb Rack with Red Curry Paste ($182), Crispy Fried Salmon ($168), Seafood Clams, Prawns, and Squid ($178)

47 Elgin St, Central

2521 1600


Orange Tree Seafood & Grill

Look for freshness and quality at this Dutch gem of a restaurant. Start your meal off with their signature Applewood-smoked Eel Fillets: rich and fatty, with just the right amount of smoky flavour. For the mains, you can’t go wrong with their Oven Roasted Lamb Shanks (think: perfectly tender and juicy meat with a hint of rosemary, sage, and thyme butter) as well as their Roasted Organic Chicken served with a side of Sautéed Mushrooms, Caramelized Carrots, and Thyme.

Must-Try Mains: Oven Roasted Lamb Shanks ($258), Roasted Organic Chicken ($238)

Central, 5/F, Grand Progress Building, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong

2838 9352



Mezze. Hummus. Halloumi. It’s nobody’s guess that we’re at Soho’s Olive to tuck down a few bites of Greece’s finest. Forget the mass-produced hummus at City Super, Olive, satisfies any hummus aficionado's cravings. Off their A La Carte menu, their Pan Fried Barramundi, perfectly seared with a golden brown finish as well as the Stewed Lamb Shank with spiced chickpeas, potatoes, and the gang are great catches.

Must-Try Mains: Pan Fried Barramundi ($208), Stewed Lamb Shank ($248), Quail in Pistachio ($238), Char Grilled Angus Ribeye ($298), Butcher’s Cut Hanging Tender Steak ($298)  

32 Elgin St, Central

2521 1608



Renowned for their open fire cooking thanks to a custom made charcoal fired grill, Craftsteak prides itself with only the freshest cuts, jet-fresh from Down Under, Canada, and America. Choose from a selection of grass- and grain-fed cuts, paired with a choice of flavourful sauces (hint: Make sure to choose either the Moonshine BBQ or the Truffle Béarnaise from eight on tap). All meats come with a generous serving of sides such as Creamed Spinach, Ash-baked Sweet Potatoes, and Shoestring Fries.

Must-Try Mains: Grass-Fed Ribeye 14 oz ($388) or Skirt 10 oz ($298) paired with a dash of Moonshine BBQ

29 Elgin St, Central

2525 9500

Bread-Street-Kitchen-and-Bar-Roasted pork belly with mustard mash potatoes.jpg

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

With outposts in Dubai, Tokyo, London, and counting, Ramsay’s Hong Kong flagship showcases dishes curated by the infamous hot-tempered chef. Obvious choices here include Gordon Ramsay’s version of the classic steak dish: Beef Wellington, a show-stopping centrepiece for any ocassion.

Must-Try Mains: Beef Wellington ($788), Traditional Shepherd’s Pie ($208)

LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, Central

2230 1800



Phuket trip in the works? Hit up nahm for a taste of what’s to come. Located in the sprawling Elements Mall at the ICC, nahm featured a medley of Vietnamese and Thai cooking--in one. Be sure to try their Baby Back Ribs (who doesn’t like fall-off-the-bone tender ribs with a mix of tamarind chili and caramel pineapple?) and their Grilled Sea Bass with Oyster Mushrooms and Vegetables in a Yellow Curry.

Must-Try Dishes: Grilled Sea Bass, Oyster Mushrooms and Vegetables in Yellow Curry ($178), Baby Back Ribs ($176), Tiger King Prawns ($218), Fried Soft Shell Crab Curry ($192), Tiger King Prawns in Green Curry ($208), Glazed Duck Breast ($156)

1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon

2810 7575


Scarlett Cafe & Wine Bar

This two-storied hotspot located just off the main Tsim Sha Tsui drag dishes French-inspired plates, blackboard menus, and a blinged out kitchen. Their Duck Leg Confit is fork-tender, but has one of the crispiest, crunchiest skin you’ve ever seen. They also have great value wines on tap, and a rotating selection of cheese straight from France.

Must-Try Mains: Duck Leg Confit ($138), Iberico Pork Belly ($158)

Residence G Hong Kong, 2 Austin Avenue, TST, Kowloon

3565 6513


London House

Situated right by the water in East Tsim Sha Tsui, Gordon Ramsay’s London House features an all-day British menu featuring a hit list of U.K. faves such as Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and Burgers & Mash. You can’t go wrong here. With most Mains under $200 a pop, you'll sure grab a bargain, here! 

Must-Try Mains: Traditional Shepherd’s Pie ($198), Crab Linguini ($198). Lamb Shoulder ($208)

Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East

3650 3333    


ALTO Bar & Grill

31 stories up on the V Point Tower in the heart of Causeway Bay lies ALTO. This Tom Dixon-designed space, boasts a menu featuring classic grill dishes with your standard cuts--Ribeye, Sirloin, Skirt, and the like. Argentinian Grass Fed Sirloins aside, don't forget their Black Truffle Pappardelle, here.

Must-Try Mains: Argentinian Grass Fed Beef 12 oz ($308), Black Truffle Pappardelle ($198), Parisian Gnocchi ($158)

18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay

2603 7181

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